"The Camera is the ultimate brush stroke to lay
down the portrait of colors in the wedding gallery "


Let us show you the Island via a wedding photo tour!!!,

A grande way to explore the island before your wedding by visiting exotic secluded beaches , hidden waterfalls and botanical gardens plus amazing majestic cliffs against the blue ocean. We are a Hawaii wedding photography company that loves opportunity to have fun be artistic and get our feet wet trying to get the right shot for you. Take a ride with us to visit parts of of Oahu such as the
Pali look {out about is 15 min from Waikiki}
 a waterfall in the tropical forest of Nuuanu,
take a trail to Kailua and frolic towards lanikai beach, after that take a snooze by Makapuu and go coconuts over Koko head Point and Sandy beach
 plus maybe a few other location surprises.




 Lotustar  Photographers of fine Art
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Mysteriously , wonderful , I bid farewell to what goes, I greet what comes,
for what comes cannot be denied ,
and what goes cannot be detained"   Chuang Tzu/

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