Black and White photos

Any person can pursue this profession, provided he is willing to be patient and has an interest in the field of photography. Some click photos for fun, while some click for memories to be captured in a stand still motion. Colorful photography does provide a lot of variety and includes various colors of nature and the beauty and variations of unknown colors too. But, black and white photography captures the still motions, the unseen but seen truth of a photo and the intensity of a picture. Such adeptness can be seen on black and white photos only, which attract a personís attention and draws him towards it in a natural sense for its simplicity and beauty.

Certain tips for black and white photography

One has to shoot black and white photos in a raw state. One can do so, by converting his colorful photo images into black and white ones and for the same he will need to shoot using the raw concept, if his camera allows him to do so. Also, while one shoots in a jpeg mode, he canít be stopped from shooting black and white photos and if it is provided, then he can opt for raw pictures. The person clicking the photos will be surprised as to what it can offer him rather than simply seeing the motion through his naked eye.

If his camera does not allow him to click photos in raw mode, them he can click in color and then exchange to a black and white format afterwards in his personal computer. As most of the digital cameras offer him the alternative to shoot in black and white, he can have extra power over the ultimate results if he has the option of the color data along with his conversion on the PC. He can also get free software which he can download from such websites offering him the similar facility. This software can enable him to save endless hours of Photoshop editing.

The person should shoot with lowest possible ISO. This is amazing, which is why most of the people shooting color photography do this and this also has importance with black and white, where noise created by ISO can be obvious.

A lot of digital photographers favor shooting of images for black and white photos rather than low contrast situational photos. Due to digital photography one can have a beautiful effect on black and white photos, as one can take pictures in the dark or during an overcast day. This can provide one the opportunity to shoot outdoors. In such a situation people who focus in color photography relax at home or do nothing but complain about the poor sunlight for clicking pictures. So the next time, the person finds that there is less of sunlight or is faced with a gloomy day, he can shoot excellent black and white photos instead.

Everyone gets confused while shooting as to how he can compose or frame a perfect shot, which applies to black and white photography as well as when shot in color. However, the main difference here is that the person is incapable of using color effects for his digital camera. This can mean that he needs to train himself to look deep at shapes, textures and tones in his frame as a major point of interest. Also, he has to pay attention particularly to highlights and shadows too, which can become a plus point of his shot features.

Key ingredients in black and white photography

No matter how professional or gifted the person might be, he has to see the pictures, scenery or motions in a mode of black and white through the naked eye himself. He can then become a professional black and white photographer in his own eyes. There are specific factors which he can implement in his photography techniques. This can help him to visualize and criticize himself, whether a scene will work as a black and white image or not.

The first factor that he has to anticipate is look for contrast. And, this is one such element which can create interest in a black and white photo. The person canít use color to discriminate one factor of his image from another as the total difference becomes more important at this stage. This does not mean that he look for harsh contrasts in each of his shots to convert the same to black and white.

Secondly, he has to wait and be patient for the right light. Black and white lighting is linked to contrast and the shot is very important. Mostly, direct lighting adds to the contrast of the picture and side lighting reveals the texture which a subject might have and light from any one direction can create shadows. All this techniques add interest to the creation of black and white images.

Shapes or patterns which can almost go unseen in color get reflected in the shots of black and white photography and make pictures come alive. Black and white photos which rely upon the pattern can take on an abstract quality and also reveal the subject texture which can add a new dimension to an image. The sidelights have this effect by creating an effect of shadows in a photo.

Black and white landscape photos

When a person shoots black and white landscape photos, he has to look for active skies. Such active skies show a beautiful effect on a black and white photo. These are breathtaking with wonderful cloud formations and resemble a storm which is about to break. Having skies with many actions in them can add to the mood and dynamic look of the images. Without an active factor, the images can look dull and empty. Such principles could be applied to mostly all black and white images which have large parts of them dominated by any one thing. If a large part of the blac
k and white image is of the same quality, then the image can look lifeless, unless the person goes for a more modest look for his black and white photo.















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